5 Ways to Help – Australian Bushfire Crisis

5 Ways to Help – Australian Bushfire Crisis

January 09, 2020

Bushfires across our country are having a devastating affect on our wildlife, people and communities.

It is hard to not feel helpless or overwhelmed. Here are 5 simple but impactful ways to support those who need it most

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Care Instructions


SAFETY - Dispose of all packaging immediately. Torn, broken or damaged products may pose a chocking hazard and should be discarded immediately. Use under adult supervision.



SAFETY -  Wet the bottom of the bath and place the bath mat in suction side down. To ensure the mat stays in place it should be no wider or longer than the bath. Press firmly on the mat in various places to ensure suction. Test for any movement in the mat by pulling gently. Do not leave your child unattended in the bath. This is not a floatation device.



SAFETY - dispose of all packaging immediately. Do not allow your child to chew on the play mat. Torn or damaged rubber may be a chocking hazard. Do not leave children under the age of 3 years unattended on the play mat.

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