Tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Sammie, I am 31 and a Mama to Imogen who is 3 and currently 27 weeks pregnant with her baby sister! I live with my Scottish husband near the sea in a town outside Melbourne, and I adore my family, my friends, photography, music and the ocean.


Describe motherhood in 3 words?

Oh this is a hard one! It is such a complete mix of happiness, sadness, fear and a thousand other emotions all rolled into one. But if I had to pick 3 right now, I would say - joyful, chaotic and unconditional.


What is the best advice or support you have received about motherhood?

There are a few pieces of advice I have been given since becoming a mother that have meant so much to me. One that particularly resonated with me was to trust that Mama instinct of yours because it is almost always spot on! It is a huge lesson to learn, and for me (and many) a very challenging one but I have stood by it ever since and it has never failed me. You are deeply connected to your child, in ways that we may not even understand yet and you will always know best.


What is important to you when choosing goods for Immy?

There are a few factors I look at when choosing something for her, as much as I can I try to shop and support small businesses. I had a small business of my own and I know first-hand how important this is! I also look for natural and ethical products as much as possible, I try to be conscious of the decisions and purchases I make and their contributions to the world and our household. This isn’t always possible I know, especially on a budget! But If I find something that is out of reach for me to purchase straight away, I try to save a little until I can manage. I make sure to explain this to Immy as much as I can, so she doesn’t think these things just appear without hard work!


What are your dreams and hopes for your children?

Oh I dream of so much for them! I hope they are passionate about what they believe in and their choices, I hope they are loving, compassionate and kind to everyone they meet, I hope they are brave and stand up for what’s important to them and others, I hope they always feel loved and supported by those around them and I hope they learn navigate love, fear, sadness happiness and everything that life has to offer secure in the knowledge that we will always hold them.


As a parent, what sustainability issue needs the most focus?

This is also a tricky one because there are so many that require our focus! Probably the biggest one for us right now is trying to purchase mindfully, and less ‘throw away’ items. Re using and mending where possible. I still have a long way to go on this, but I think changing our mindset from ‘disposable’ to ‘sustainable’ is really important. As parents, we have a huge input on this for our children, they are watching us and what comes into our home, I hope I can show Immy the importance of longevity and sustainability in this way for her to carry through her life. This ranges from the toys she uses, to the reusable nappies her sister will use, the clothes that get passed down and acquired second hand, the (albeit small haha) vegetables and fruit we grow etc.
I hope this becomes second nature for her and an essential part of how she navigates through her life.   


What tips would you give other parents who are wanting to live more sustainably?

I think I am still one of those parents haha, this is a lifelong journey and commitment, I am still working on this every day. I have been working on small swaps where I can. Instead of buying that plastic toy I saw, look for a more sustainable or natural equivalent because it will last a lot longer and I know it’s better for the environment and for the little hands that will love and play with it. It can be overwhelming to look around and feel you have so much to change, but small conscious steps and swaps will help to make it possible and manageable.


We are living in an uncertain time, what has helped you and your family cope?

We certainly are! I feel like the uncertainty has been an enormous challenge for all of us. I know our family are still very much navigating this as it is constantly evolving and changing all the time. I think what has helped us greatly is remaining connected to our support networks and loved ones, this has helped ease the challenge of not being able to be with them physically. One important thing we are still working on as well is not putting too much pressure on yourselves or each other either. I feel like there is a lot of expectation to do all the things, complete all the jobs, start a hobby, educate the kids, do art and craft, be the best parent every day etc. and that is a lot for one person to carry! Knowing some days may be productive and great and happy, but others may be hard and sad and unproductive, but both are ok. These are unprecedented times, and we are all doing our best <3


Image supplied by Sammie via her instagram account @mummaoftheherd 


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